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This is where you go to make sure you haven't missed any of my books, and for those who like to read books in order.

I have series listed under subheadings on their own pages, with links to previews.



My Bibliography:


Spark Series:

  1. When Sparks Fly
  2. No Words Alone
  3. Solar Flare

Anthology for the Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance:

Iron & Hemlock


Darklands Series:

  1. The Charmer
  2. Homecoming
  3. Scent of Danger
  4. The Golden Bell
  5. Ghost in Her Heart
  6. Darklands: Beast Wars
  7. Dark Lovers: Contains book 2 & 4
  8. Dark Warriors: Contains book 5 & 6


Ladies in Waiting Series:

  1. The Woman Inside
  2. The Other Woman


Draconian Series:

  1. Ride The Stars
  2. Careful, He Bites

Interstellar Lover (loosely connected to Spark Series)


Elemental Series:

  1. Scorched Earth
  2. One Night to Burn
  3. When the Sea Burned
  4. Wind Burn


Convergence Series:

  1. Bramble Burn
  2. Breaker’s Ruin


Single Titles:

Through the Looking Glass

Under the Bridge

Women, Whiskey & Gold


American Gluten Free Series:

  1. American Gluten Free



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